Nirvana…Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Here here!!! Michael Stipe said it all and it brought tears to my eyes. There are still many musicians that need to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But I’m so proud to know that Nirvana has gained that recognition. It’s like a little piece of me going in there as well. I was privileged to spend the prime of my youth and rebellious teenage years in the hedonistic period of the 90’s.

It was like a transformation of the 60’s and something that I hope to see once more. My friends and I, we lived it, we ruled it, we rebelled it, we dismantled it, and the entire world was ours. While some people had comfy homes and two parent’s, lots of money, chances and opportunity, I think I speak for many of my friends when I say that sometimes, music was our teacher, our parent, and our friend. We related to those tunes, lyrics, and vocals in ways some people don’t understand and they don’t have too. That’s the beauty of music. There’s something for everyone.

This month we say again, a fond farewell and RIP to Kurt Cobain and Peter Ratajczyk (Steele) Type O Negative. Their contributions to music will be legendary. They spoke for those of us that didn’t have voices, their deaths… will forever be a great loss, but makes it ever so much more important to hold strong to yourself, be who you are, and don’t take no shit from anyone. The vulnerability of human nature, of the human heart… vs transgression in their music let’s us see that it wasn’t only us that depended on their music, but they too depended on it. Therapy….

\m/ Rock on.