Finnish metal got me banned from Facebook! PERKELE!!!!


I can understand if I’m posting sexually explicit content, porn, or anything graphic and violent. But noooooOOOOoooo. Facebook decided to flag me today after I shared a music video from Youtube with cover art of a woman with her chest exposed. There wasn’t even anything remotely wrong or graphic about the art itself. It looks like half of the European statues that are in public for all to see. ART. I was banned from posting and even being able to respond on messenger. I run businesses through Facebook so now I’m having to fight against this as it’s not right.  However, the standards aren’t upheld when people want to post videos of dogs and cows getting their heads bashed in. Or  Instagram and Facebook “models” with all their tits and ass hanging out for the world to see. It’s a Facebook community of “double standards”.

I have no regrets though. I went out listening to a superb melodic black metal band from Finland, Catamenia, and their 1999 album, Morning Crimson. Despite lineup changes over the years, they’re still giving us some killer metal and are working on new material, hopefully for 2019. Even though I may not be able to share their album on Facebook, I’ll be extra dramatic and share it here while bitching about my ban. Kiitos Finland!!!

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