When Plagues Collide!!! New detonating material for your earholes! Their new single “Elizabeth” ft. Misstiq is out now on all streaming platforms


Belgian symphonic deathcore band, When Plagues Collide just put out their single, Elizabeth, and it is available on YouTube through Chugcore. This video also features piano parts from the Melbourne, Australia artist, Misstiq, who has a Bachelor in Music Composition and is also a music teacher. This song offers brutal vocals mixed with fleshy guitar riffs, heavy bass, infecting lyrics, haunting piano melodies, and a catchy chorus.

When Plagues Collide has also released two studio albums, “Shrine Of Hatred” and “Tutor Of The Dying” and is currently working on another album. They’re definitely a band to keep an eye on.


When Plagues Collide- MUSIC


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