Upcoming Belgian symphonic deathcore band, When Plagues Collide, to drop new single on July 9th.

BREAKING NEWS, I have partnered with upcoming Belgian symphonic deathcore band, When Plagues Collide, as their social media and publicity manager.

Any media and press inquiries reach me at crissywpcmedia@gmail.com.

It’s metal that is refreshing, exciting, in your face. It’s the very ebb and flow of brutality with the softness one can find in the symphonic portions of their music. They have a new song coming out July 9th, 2019 called “Elizabeth” ft. Misstiq. This is a band to keep your eye on as they’re rising up quick. Motivated, driven, and ready to excel is where they’re at so there’s no time for sleep.


Shrine Of Hatred – 2017 (album)

Tutor Of The Dying – 2018 (album)

Elizabeth ft. Misstiq– 2019 (single)


Vocals : Wouter Dergez
Guitar : Joris Dergez
Guitar : Santy Van der Mieren
Bass : Bastiaan Barbieux
Drums: Siebe Hermans

Find us:





Lyrics video sample of “Elizabeth”



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