Rammstein is like the mother you don’t talk back too. Or the wise old gangsta that sits in the back of the restaurant while everyone comes to him. For over 20 years they have unapologetically peeled back the layers of society, history, and “civilization” exposing those raw nasty bits for the world to see. Their exciting and flammable stage productions have wowed the masses for decades. The quality of music videos has always been thought provoking and at some points uncomfortable and borderline pornographic. Not that I fucking care. I love it. Bring me more. They are pure geniuses in their own right. They market their music brilliantly.

I also enjoy that the comment section of their YouTube is disabled. They don’t care about your opinions or at least that’s what I gather. Why should they? The band is perfectly confident in who they are and what they produce. It’s also why this has led to many years of success for them without a single lineup change. Even the majority of our most iconic bands in the world now have had lineup changes. Rammstein is just one of those entities that is created in musical history to simply be who they are. There’s not enough words in a single blog to chalk up their entire music career. They’ve faced it all. They’ve been at the helm of many controversies and I’m sure it won’t change. As serious as they are in their lyrics and music, they still provide a comical theatrical flair to their videos and live stage performances. Which gives a nice relief when singing about serious topics.

They just released a new album untitled this year and in my opinion it’s a 10/10 for me. Some of my favorite songs are Radio, Diamant, Was Ich Liebe, Puppe, and Auslander. Of course I love the album as a whole, but these songs really stand out for me and I find myself singing them the most. Granted each song has it’s own purposeful nature to it. It’s hard to pick and choose. I’ve listened to it probably over 50 times now. I ordered the collectors CD which was done so tastefully. Each page folded out to show individual shots of the band members in black and white. I’d also like to give a personal thanks to Rammstein for helping me learn some German. While I have no idea what I’m saying half the time, I’ve perfected my “hhhhoockkksss” and “spits” to pronounce proper words.

If you’ve not seen some of their videos yet, I encourage you to watch them over and over. They’re successfully bringing Germany into the 21st Century. Some of the content may be uncomfortable and not widely welcomed, but it’s nonetheless the truth. These videos have racked up millions upon millions of views in such a short time. I recall it only being 8 days since the release of one of their videos and they already had 50 million views. INSANE! In turn spurred the videos of fan reactions. Which I don’t really care about. But they’re there. I think Auslander stood out for me the most. It truly showed the white man at his worst. The invasion of other cultures and the force fed religious manipulations, the raping of the land and people, while promising the future of change only to suck out every natural resource before leaving them in shambles. That one by far is a very “in your face” truth. Kudos for that one fellas.

Rammstein is:

Grab a copy of their new untitled album if you haven’t already:


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