Fleshgod Apocalypse Unleash VELENO

Reigning Italian metal champions, Fleshgod Apocalypse, have unleashed their new album, Veleno (meaning poison in Italian), from their label Nuclear Blast, out on May 24th. I was fortunate to be able to review this early on and I am excited for this release to hit the masses. They have put out a sample of what’s to come with their skull bashing songs and videos, Sugar and Carnivorous Lamb. This is their most diverse album yet and is gaining massive attention from fans and new fans alike. They’ve just finished a tour with Hypocrisy and are on a current Latin American tour with Wolfheart.

I asked Paolo Rossi (bassist) what his favorite songs are on the album:

It’s difficult to answer, I can say that this album is my favourite from us, it has everything. It’s a mixture of a lot of different metal sub-genres, that’s why I love it! If I have to pick two songs I would say Fury, cause I’m literally in love with the chorus and Monnalisa, cause it’s so magic and catchy.”

If you’ve been a FA fan from the start or even a new one listening to their music, you’ll notice they include a lot of classical components to their songs which gives them such a fresh edge sticking to various Italian influences as well. Paolo said, “Beside Metal classics, we love classical music and traditional music, sometimes pop rock. It may seem strange, but we are inspired by the guitar solos of the famous Italian band Pooh.”Paganini, Bach, and Mozart are also heavily saluted here.

I went to investigate this band as I’ve never listened to Pooh. I was pleasantly surprised and immediately hit the like button. I could also hear the influence Paolo mentioned in guitars used on the Veleno album. Fleshgod Apocalypse is certainly accomplished in their musical knowledge and when it’s all put together it makes some truly extraordinary metal. Brutal, eclectic, historical, dynamic, and most refreshing. They’ve definitely put in some massive work into this. This album leaves you wanting more and more. You will find soft tones thrown into brutal riffs, engaging orchestra, with soft delicate female vocals mashed with ripping and sultry growls that adds a creep factor, classic rock solos, and many other surprises. It all works. 10/10 from Lady Deviant.

Some of my favorite songs off this album are “Sugar, Carnivorous Lamb, Monnalisa, Absinthe, The Day We’ll Be Gone, and Embrace The Oblivion.

It’s creepy, relevant, and pure fucking Italian metal. Unapologetic and honest. They’re constantly pushing the bar.

Check out their official music video, Sugar. It’s extreme so be prepared for the onslaught put into this. No holding back here.

Also their official lyric video, Carnivorous Lamb.

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Francesco Paoli: Vocals, Guitars, Drums (studio)
Paolo Rossi: Vocals, Bass
Francesco Ferrini: Piano, Orchestrations
Veronica Bordacchini: Soprano vocals
Fabio Bartoletti: Lead guitar
David Folchitto: Drums

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