Starkill- A constellation of talent

I cover Starkill frequently. Not only are they friends, but they’re a group of incredible musicians who work hard for their craft. They create a very interesting dynamic of metal with melodic tones and beautiful vocals from their singer, Sarah Lynn. They spend a lot of time and energy in their own production of music and videos without the support of labels. Their support comes from fans, friends, and other artists in the industry. Once you listen to them, you’ll understand why.

Starkill- Until We Fall

Currently they’re on a mission through a crowdfunding campaign, using Indiegogo, link found here: Starkill-Indiegogo, to help them get a new van to tour with for their 4th upcoming studio album “Gravity”. This album is pretty special as it features production and musical performances from members of EpicaTurisas, and Swallow The Sun. This album, I feel, is going to be the best one to date. It’s creative, especially in the production of music videos, and full of passion.

Recently, they put out another gem off their new album to help drive their Indiegogo campaign. This features Coen Janssen of Epica on piano and Olli Vänska of Turisa on violin on their song “The Real Enemy”. You can see the video below:

Starkill- The Real Enemy

You can support Starkill by heading over to their Indiegogo page and checking out their video explaining the process and prize packages involved. Stay tuned for more!

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