Lady Deviant-Social Media Management Announcement

I’ve taken on new social media accounts for some bands I’m proud to know. There’s a few more in the fray to be announced soon. I never take on bands I’m not passionate about and these people make some of the most beautiful music.

Aeonian Sorrow hails from Greece and Finland. Funeral/doom metal with superb dark growls paired with the female clean vocals of Gogo Melone.

Clouds, Romanian vocalist and writer, Daius Corpus (aka Daniel Neagoe), music for the departed ones, is also in the funeral/doom category. They’re exceptional in their genres with a mix of musicians from various other bands who came together to create something a little more sorrowful, beautiful, magic, and dark.

Dark Tranquillity are the pioneers of the Gothenburg sound. Straight out of Sweden. Their melodic death metal music has inspired generations of bands and artists over the years and the live performances are extraordinary. Please check out these amazing bands as they will be making a lot of waves if not already.

I also handle PR for Aeonian Sorrow and Clouds.

Aeonian Sorrow


and of course one I’ve had for a few years now:
Dark Tranquillity

Aeonian Sorrow just announced a European tour with friends in Swallow The Sun and Oceans of Slumber coming in April/May 2019.

52422236_10157054673389362_5702161859646324736_n (1)

For any press inquiries you can email me here:


Aeonian Sorrow:

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