Just a thought on celebrities or other musically inclined people that wear metal band shirts.

Ya know… every time the news hits with all these reality tv celebs, rappers, and whatever else that slithers out of Hollywood that choose to wear metal band shirts out in the public and it gets people all riled, honestly who fucking cares? Seriously. I get it. They’re not your kind of people. I understand that they may not be considered “metal” and they go against everything you wretch about on stage. However, how the fuck can you possibly know how folks feel deep on the inside? Maybe they know your entire discog better than your “metal” fans. Maybe they play your albums at their brunch parties for all their high society friends. Maybe you get them through the drama of everyday life and help take the pressure off being famous and having too much botox. Maybe just maybe in the ocean of fakeness that surrounds them…. your metal record is the only thing that makes sense to them and makes them feel real. Maybe in the ocean of hoodrat bullshit; your raging growls and dark lyrics are what pulls people out of their own fucked up mindsets to help them cope. Maybe your music pulls people from the brink of suicide. Maybe your metal lyrics help people deal with the drama of social media and all the hate the world pours on them. I also understand that people are fake as fuck and you don’t care for that kind of representation. But that’s not just in celebrity world. That’s all over the world. You can’t fight everything and everyone.
Maybe JUST maybe metal was supposed to be the one musical outlet and genre that welcomed anyone that wanted to listen because they understood. We are all humans. We all relate at some point. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a tour bus and all the metalheads are listening to gangster rap, pop music, watching Jersey Shore AND…. AND the Kardashians. You know who you are. I mean if you’re going to bitch about people listening to your music and wearing your merch, take a stab at child molesters and animal abusers. What I’m saying is… it’s not very metal of you as a musician or a metal fan to be selective with an elitist mentality of who can wear metal shit. Don’t put out there for sale if you don’t want it to be sold. 

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