The Devil Is My Friend-Henry Derek Elis


Henry Derek Elis, yes he’s fronted metal bands such as Scar The Martyr, Thrown Into Exile, and is currently the singer for Act Of Defiance. His passion is clearly unveiled through his new country album, “The Devil Is My Friend”. It’s more than just country though. This twangy, sultry, soulful, raspy, arrangement of music and lyrics takes you on a journey through many musical influences, story-telling, instrumental surprises as well as some very cool guest vocalists.

One of my personal favorites is, Tara Vanflower of Lycia. Also, Jarboe, Sera Timms (Black Mare, Ides Of Gemini) and some lead guitar work from Devildriver guitarist, Neal Tiemann. 

There’s some extraordinary emotional and personal pieces placed into this album that help shape the purpose and structure of how it was written.  A beautiful arrangement of haunting backing sounds such as winds and trains, including a variety of instruments; melancholy strings of the violin and some accordion play, gripping you into the scenario brings to life his creation. There’s no bad song on this entire album in my personal opinion. Each one is crafted and different to tell its own tale. This is something I know Henry has been wanting to do for a long time. He’s put his heart and soul into this album. This is his heart in music and the various influences of the musicians throughout his life that have molded him into the artist he is today.

This album drops on Friday, October 26th. Do yourself a favor and hop on board with this album. Even if you’re not much into country or western styles, this sets the bar of innovative, relevant, and takes you back to the roots of country music.


Henry Derek

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