Eminem’s Kamikaze-Verbal Assassination

Well this album came like a thief in the night and I suppose no pre press releases are necessary for this kind of devastation. I have listened to this album multiple times this morning and I’m blown away by the verbal assassination he laid down. Not shock, but blown away. I don’t know what all has been going on under the radar, but this is some serious next level “venom”. You would have to be a fool to assume that just because Eminem drops a more calmer previous album, people want to call him out; that he’s just going to sit quiet and not boil in those words while he writes some mushroom cloud layin mutherfuckin bars. I can’t imagine those on the receiving end of his raps are going to sleep well tonight. It’s going to be quiet in the industry on retorts.

So far my favorite tracks are “Venom”, “Not Alike”, and “Lucky You”


Eminem’s Kamikaze on Spotify

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