Alice In Chains- Rainier Fog

Yes many of us are diehard fans of the classic Alice In Chains. With the passing of Layne Staley and the progression of AIC, many fans, myself included were stubborn to the changing of vocalists. There’s no doubt Layne will forever be the light burning when people think of Alice In Chains. Jerry Cantrell wrote so much of the music and lyrics, it cannot go unnoticed and unforgotten, just how iconic he is. AIC continues to stand alone and kicking ass!  I’m catching up to the last few albums, but I heard this today and was blown away by the vocals of William DuVall. I’m also honored to be photographing and reviewing Alice In Chains at the Pain In The Grass 2018 festival on Saturday night.

“Rainier Fog” is the new album that just came out. It’s exceptional. Songs like “Never Fade” and especially “So Far Under” really speak true to the direction AIC went in. While maintaining their classic roots, they elevated their grunge rock style to something still relevant today. Many fans will be appreciating the awesomeness of this album. Again, I will mention that now I’m beyond devoted to the new AIC and I’m super happy how William has truly captured the essence and style of what makes AIC unique while projecting his own vocal stylings and staying true to his personal delivery. I can’t wait to see them Saturday night.


Pick up the new album here, streaming is available:

Rainier Fog- Alice In Chains


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