Starkill- Until We Fall


Usually when I receive unreleased music to check out I’m thrilled that the artists I know are still creating and producing amazing things. When Parker Jameson, vocals and guitar, of the band Starkill left their new independent music video in my inbox, I knew I was in for some entertainment. I just wasn’t expecting the massive amounts of awesome I was about to witness. Starkill has been quiet for the last few years and with this new song release it’s evident of the direction their new album is going to take. They’ve been in the lab creating some absolute crushing madness from their home studio. They have thrown caution to the wind and are giving you some visually epic battle scenes in the new song, “Until We Fall”.

Their female vocalist, Sarah Lynn, has been present through the entire writing process of the new album and delivers powerful vocals that gives Starkill the exact edge they need and will set them apart from many in their genre. It’s beyond just the vocals and music, but their direction and no nonsense attitudes. It’s about creating what they want, how they want, and the vibe they want. This is how music should be and anyone that has followed this band or knows the members know how eccentric and different they all are.

Clearly they have incredible talent as musicians, this visual process in their new song takes you on a journey through their eyes using the Asian inspired influence of a sci-fi anime cartoon with real character member likeness to play on the Starkill name. There are cool battle scenes with space pirates rescuing their fellow comrades from deep space prison. Each segment perfectly accompanies the lyrical and vocal storm, heavy thrashing riffs, and thundering drums with some definite in-your-face-fuckyous. I don’t know how they put all this together and came up with this amazing video, but they’re ones to watch out for.

The direction is so relevant, refreshing, entertaining, and it’s so Starkill. Finally witnessing the unveiling of true heart from a band is what makes them unique. This is what we need in a time where the music industry still controls much of what bands should be producing in their eyes instead of staying true to their own direction. I’m excited for the masses to see this new video which will be released August 24th.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and music with Starkill:

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Face my fears

The blood, the sweat, the tears

The constant pressure weighing down upon me all these years

Don’t look back

Commence with the attack

Don’t ever stop until you’ve crushed all those who held you back

Face my fears tonight

I’ll leave you to die

Once I thought

That I was truly weak

I followed and I listened to the words you used to speak

Now, no more

I stand, I declare war

We question the suppression and will fight forevermore

Face my fears tonight

I’ll leave you to die



Until we fall!

We own the world; we’ll take it all


Into the fray!

Don’t hesitate, we’ll take the day

This is war

I break free and follow you no more


Warning: there is a security breach

Life systems: inoperable

Please evacuate immediately


Fight until we fall!



This message has been brought to you by Lady Deviant.

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