Clouds- Music for the realms of despair


Clouds music is soul-wrenching. Catastrophic by nature and ironic by the development of pure, raw, and poetic beauty of the music and lyrics. It’s atmospheric doom metal from Romania, funeral metal, which focuses on loss of loved ones, memories of life, the last breath of existence, and going through the acceptance of pain and loss. They’ve put out a few albums now, Doliu being the first and two of the most beautiful and powerful tracks I’ve ever heard were “You Went So Silent” and “If These Walls Could Speak”. One cannot simply be human and not have tears well up from these songs. If you’ve suffered loss of any kind, it will resonate. Vocalist, Daniel N, is a true talent and delivers such an impactful performance. The pain and beauty in his clean vocals, mixed with his growls are gripping. This album is the shock of loss and realization of pain.

Their second album Departe created such a gorgeous atmosphere of instruments and incorporated haunting female vocals. This album focuses on the aftermath of loss and what the human soul endures coming to terms with the pain of death and knowing that person is no longer there. The songs on their albums are what some may consider long. But it’s well worth a 10-13 minute song. There would be no justice done to each verse and arrangement to create a 3 minute song to try to deliver the kind of message put forth. These albums you can just listen to thoroughly in their entirety. Songs like, “How Can I Be There” and “In The Ocean Of My Tears” hit the raw nerve of this genre of music. Guest vocals on these albums were Jon of Hamferd, Pim of Officium Triste, and Natalie of Shape Of Despair.

They released their third album, Destin, a continuation of Departe, in September of 2017 with some amazing guest vocalists from bands that I completely adore. Mikko Johannes from Swallow The Sun performed on the track “Fields Of Nothingness”,  Ana of Mourning Sun “The Wind Carried Your Soul”, Gogo of Aeonian Sorrow “In This Empty Room”, and Mihu of Abigail, singing on the track “Nothing But A Name”. Destin proved to be a continuing evolution of the first two albums bringing on the partnership of amazing musicians in the like realms.


Vocalist and writer, Daniel N, had no desires to conform to any record labels but to have Clouds music remain as it is. A reminder of the frailty and pain of loss. He also created unique boxsets made from wood and keepsakes by his own hands. If you’re ever lucky enough to see a live performance, don’t miss it. Bring your friends or just come alone. Tissues would be quite handy. Even as I search for words to describe how these songs have helped me, there are no words. Just listen and take it all in.




Check out Clouds on their Facebook:

Clouds- Facebook

And you can purchase their music on their bandcamp website:

Clouds Music


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