SLAYER Repentless Tour- Blood definitely Rained…



One of the most anticipated shows of my career was the Slayer (Nuclear Blast Records) Repentless World Tour with guests, Lamb Of God of Epic Records and Nuclear Blast Records, and BEHEMOTH! with Metal Blade Records. Held at WaMu Theater in Seattle, just outside CenturyLink Field, packed in the fans from all over. There was a huge line wrapped around the building and down the street. Our metalhead community didn’t disappoint in coming to support this 36 year old legendary metal band. Old and young alike. My teenaged self was in disbelief at the fact that I got to capture this show, writing and photographing. The energy was off the charts and it even brought about religious protestors protesting the show. As usual. 😛



Tom Araya delivered vocals like nothing has changed. Fire exploding in the background, smiles from the band members, thriving off the energy of the crowd, and playing like it was their first time mixed with professionalism, fun, and serious fucking talent. Slayerheads packed in, horns up, and surfed the crowd. People chanting “SLAYER! SLAYER! SLAYER!” They delivered during Dead Skin Mask as many brought out their phones to record and go live.



They began with REPENTLESS off their latest album “Repentless”, throwing the crowd into a frenzy as everyone helped belt out lyrics. Kerry King was fire and hasn’t lost a step as he shredded throughout the entire show with brutal flare. Such an iconic musician and a hell of a great time to shoot!


Gary Holt of Exodus, who stepped in for Slayer after the passing of Jeff Hanneman, fit right into the madness. His energy was amazing which is evident in this crazy-eyed capture wearing his “Kill A Kardashian” shirt, notorious dislike for them.

Overall their performance packed the brutal punch Slayer fans have come to know and respect. I look forward to a new album and a new tour! Stay SLAYTANIC.




Lamb Of God


Lamb Of God brought high intense energy. They always do. Epic back screen displays, fog blasts, and Randy Blythe’s high energy jumping… always makes for an excellent show and so much fun for photographers to capture. While he’s been on a whirlwind of endless touring and in need of a much needed and talked about break, there was no hesitation in his performance. The crowd went nuts. Surfers and mosh pits were lit. It was such an amazing chance to get to photograph them.


LOG began with “Laid To Rest” off their 2004 fourth album “Ashes Of The Wake” followed by “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For”, revisiting the classics as fans screamed out lyrics and reveled in the emotion.


Chris Adler, on drums, even came out to show support for the Seattle Seahawks as he wore a #12’s Seahawks jersey. To be honest, I was never a huge Lamb Of God fan, yet throughout the years, I respect the fuck out of what they have accomplished and brought to the table for the music community. I respect Randy for his craft and photography skills. I will say that after this show my mind has been changed and now I’m a huge fan.




Last but certainly not fucking least!!! This brutal black metal band from Poland brings in all the darkness and Satanic impulses in ghoulish painted up costumes complete with fire and destruction. The began with a song off their last album 2014, “The Satanist”, “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”, as Nergal came onto the stage with fire, the crowd immediately going nuts. The last time I got to see them they headlined with guests, Cannibal Corpse. But the stage was smaller and they weren’t able to pack in their full stage props. But as this venue was bigger, the show was way more exciting and made for prime shooting.



Jon Rice stepped in on drums for INFERNO is handling family obligations. Jon performed impeccably and it was awesome seeing him take the reigns and deliver proudly.



“Chant For Eschaton 2000”, a classic off their 1999 album, “Satanica”, ended their set leaving the crowd wanting more. If you can ever get out to see a BEHEMOTH! show I suggest you move to make plans. They’re legit one of the best and most brutal bands out there. Their bring otherworldly darkness and cultural European artistic flair we’ve come to know from the depths of central Europe. We all anticipate more new music and more tours from these guys.


I’d like to thank the fans, bands, management, PR, labels, techs, support, families, friends, and everyone involved in making this tour amazing.

All photography and full albums sets are by Immortal Affliction Photography

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