Seattle Goes Dark: Remembering Chris Cornell

The recent death of Chris Cornell has shaken the music industry to its core and brings about the subjects surrounding mental health, depression, and suicide. It’s no surprise that Seattle music constantly takes losses in its iconic genre of grunge and alternative from deaths of legends like, Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Finally… Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Temple of The Dog, and Audioslave. We shall forever be a city in mourning. The world weeps and his family will have the hardest journey of their lives dealing with the aftermath.

One thing about Seattle, when we take a win or a loss, we celebrate like no one else. We remember and honor with every fabric of our being. The community becomes one. This was evident last night as I went to a few vigils for Chris Cornell. I went to Volunteer Park to the Black Sun sculpture and people were sitting around and taking photo’s, leaving objects of affection, lighting candles, or simply sitting quietly and listening to Chris’ music on their phones. As somber and emotional as it was, there was some healing from everyone just being together. You didn’t have to speak…. you just looked at someone and met their gaze with a sad smile….

Later in the evening I attended Kerry Park to witness the Space Needle go dark for an hour for a moment of silence for Chris Cornell.  It was something spectacular and beautiful. I was fortunate to capture these events.

Chris was on tour when he was found dead in his hotel room in Detroit by apparent suicide. Although I refuse to succumb to any news information at this time because we don’t have all the details, it’s nonetheless a tragedy for his family, music, fans, and friends. Chris was the beginning of an era… and he takes with him his soul, leaving behind the essence of spirit. RIP Chris Cornell. You will forever be missed and loved.






Photography: Immortal Affliction Photography

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