Mastodon- Live in Seattle @ Paramount Theather


Mastodon brought a packed arsenal of awesome to Seattle on their Emperor Of Sand  tour. While their newest album is netting mixed reviews from the music community, their shows are stockpiling the masses and selling out most venues. I personally love the album and I appreciate their trajectory for continuing to create their art how they see fit and responding with no nonsense to how they want to create it. They don’t give a fuck about the naysayers.  Their songs like “Jaguar God” and “Roots Remain” is justification of how amazing this album is.  Troy Sanders continues to deliver breezy and powerful vocals. To watch him perform live is a phenomenal energy. Brann Dailor on drums is a powerhouse. A friend and I were standing there watching and listening to just how fast he moves and the fluidity of power he emits on drums. The lyrics alone are historical and poignant, like an ancient poetry. With savage guitar riffs and thick bass lines.  I highly recommend seeing this tour. The lineup alone is amazing.



Eagles Of Death Metal how do you even begin to write about them. I’ve given up on reviewing anyone. I don’t even bother trying to nit pick. Usually there’s nothing to nit pick, they’re fucking AWESOME. Such hilarious entertainment. Take this picture of Jesse Hughes for example, he performed a yoyo trick with his mic cord. You can’t take them seriously. But you can most certainly appreciate their comedic styling and what they bring to music. It’s light. It’s fun. And it’s the funny side to rock and roll. What’s more, they’re actually super talented musicians! Their dynamic on stage is packed with energy and humor. On tour this round they’ve brought the beautiful and talented Jennie Vee, also bassist for the one and only Courtney Love. Dave Catching, bearded genius on that V-Neck, Jorma Vik on drums. Thanks for the epic show.





Russian Circles is one of my favorite bands. This was the first time I got to see them live and they brought fluid, intense, sultry, hard, and just dark crushing instruMETAL. They released their album,  Guidance, in 2016. As their albums progress, they invite a differing  range of artist musicianship to their music. Some albums more harder than others.  Some fans would argue on which album they prefer and blah blah, not that it matters. They continue to prove that they’re standalone in their element and no explanation is needed. Carry on brothers!  The Paramount in Seattle gave the acoustics and high ceilings to harness this epic music and to carry it to the ears of fans. The stage was dark and misty with minimal lighting, setting the mood. It was a great start to an amazing tour.



Thanks to everyone who made this tour possible. Merch, techs, labels, bands, friends, PR, family, fans, roadies, and all around support.

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Russian Circles


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