Amorphis with Swallow The Sun- Seattle 2017


These two bands are not ones I’m reviewing. They don’t need reviews. They are just as they are. Amazing. Finnish metal is setting a precedence, uncomparable and in its own stead. Amorphis has rooted their music from the Kalevala, Finnish poems steeped in history, folklore, and mythology. This is what makes these kinds of bands amazing. I love a good history lesson combined with metal. It is unique to their own lands and their music utilizes various sounds and rhythms that take you back to a time long forgotten by many. If metal existed in those centuries, it would sound like Amorphis. Their most recent albumin 2015, Under The Red Cloud, is available. Be sure to see them on this tour. This is such a powerful and emotionally fulfilling lineup. Crowds turn out and turn up for these artists. Fans screaming out every word, horns raised high in the air…. magic.



Swallow The Sun carries a personal presence with me. As with most of their fanbase I’m most certain. Juha Raivio, guitarist and lyricist, has taken some time away from STS to focus on his personal life and other musical endeavors focusing on side projects that include the poetry and writings of Aleah Starbridge. He has urged all to show support to Swallow The Sun as they tour. That is exactly what we have done. Swallow The Sun still brings its despairing and dark metal gloom, beauty, and despair all intertwined with such gut-wrenching and epic lyrics, strong and melodic riffs, and soul shaping energy. One cannot walk away from an STS show without feeling some emotional attachment. Mikko Kotamaki delivers with bleeding energy, clean vocals and deep growls, as the lyrics carry just as much weight on him as it does the rest of the band and the writer. They have become one of my favorites, unforgettable, and such an amazing group of guys. They deserve immortal success.






You can pick up their intensely amazing album here: Swallow The Sun: Songs from the North I, II & III

Check out full galleries on my page: Immortal Affliction Photography

Swallow The Sun



Thanks to everyone who made this tour possible. Bands, labels, techs, merch ladies, fans, friends, and family. Until next time.

Make Finnish Metal Great Again!



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