Havok- Seattle Tour 2017




This is one of those tours that brought the rage. It was so intense and so full of heightened energy, I thought the venue was going to crumble to the ground. Each of these incredible bands brought nearly the same genres of music, but each  delivered completely different from one another. They didn’t blend in. They all stood out and it fed the crowd. It was like lunch, dinner, and dessert with an after dinner cocktail to bring it home.

HAVOK–  hailing from Colorado,  have released their new well received album,  Conformicide. This tour brought the thrash metal with some amazing crossover. You can hear a literal variety of old school thrash, hardcore, meets new. The evidence come to mind on songs like Hang Em HighThey brought the energy and the crowd went nuts. I had the chance to watch them during sound check. They’re all super talented musicians, comfortable with the stage, their presence, and their fans. They went through every last detail to make sure it was just right. The mosh pits were lit, the hair was flying, heads were banging. David brings a no nonsense to his writing style. No time for the unjust system and flagrant politics and views poisoning our society. But they represent in that old school way that keeps thrash alive. They’re a standalone band that comes to rage. David Sanchez- vocals and guitar, Pete Webber- drum machine, Reece Scruggs- Shredmaster, Nick Shendzielos- Bass Slayer. Go see them live.

Warbringer – Coming to you from California.  Hello vocals. John Kevill is a fucking beast!!! He’s got such an awesome personality, just walking around talking to people, all the guys do. They’re so docile in person. But holy fuck!!! As soon as they hit the stage it’s lights out motherfuckers. The entire venue was on the brink of collapse. Reminds me of a modern day Carnivore as far as technique. I can hear so much of classic punk infused with new style. Check out their music video, Remain Violent . Which is a great thing when you’re able to elevate a style of music. The lineup changes haven’t stop the progression and dynamic of this 5 piece, but brought in some epic musicians who slay hard and go hard. Jessie Sanchez- bass slayer, Chase Becker and Adam Carroll on guitar, with Carlos Cruz still on drums. They have a new album coming out called Woe To The Vanquished, preorder that now. Go see them live if you get the chance.

Exmortus– Another band from California. I feel like they need no introduction. These guys are brutal as fuck. You can hear the artistry. You can hear the elevated testaments to the intensity they bring to their music. They are exceptional, one of a kind, and are so underrated I get amused when promoters try to book small venues for them. Packed tight with wall to wall love from the crowd, fans thrive for them. Lead singer Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez is quite unique with his experiments with bringing classical music to metal. Beethoven… Mozart… who would have thought it? If you want to see metal done right, watch David on guitar and Mario on drums.  Exmortus album, Ride Forth,  stems from the brutal acts of warfare, survival, endurance, and victory. Without actually naming names, you can feel the concrete history they’re aiming for. These young men bring skull crushing rage to your earholes. Do not miss them live. EVER.

Thrown Into Exile – Also coming from California. Apparently Cali, produces legions of epic fucking bands. I get excited when California metal comes to visit us in the rainy PNW. Thrown Into Exile was added to the Seattle show and thank fuck for that. Henry Derek, ex Scar The Martyr and Act Of Defiance, joined forces with this band a few years ago and I’m rather excited about it. Thrown Into Exile had a tremendous lineup change in the very beginning, but haven’t dropped the ball on their drive or performance. I want to see them to continue to succeed and produce albums that make people eat shit. Seeing them live was absolutely killer.  Again, in person all the guys are super nice, just regular people doing what they love to do. You never expect such intensity from this seemingly quiet group of stellar musicians.  As soon as they hit the stage, all bets are off. The electricity is exhilarating. Ray Sanchez and Mario “Hair” Rubio 🙂  are like the ultimate shredtarist pair. Those talents alone bring a chemistry and artistry to the metal industry. Dave Corsile slappin bass like your mother’s fried chicken ( so good)   Scott Shelko, new drummer,  is an animal on drums. Which is evident when his cymbals look like Venom from Spiderman took a bite out of them.  Henry Derek is a calm before the massive fucking storm. The pit was raging and they set the bar for the rest of the evening. Check out their music video, No Words, for some brutality for your earhole. It was an honor to get to know them after their show. I couldn’t find myself leaving the side of the stage for the rest of the show. Between the bands, photographing the excitement, and the fans, this was one of my favorite tours ever.

It’s such a bittersweet moment when amazing tours like this end. Thanks to all the bands for being exactly what we need in the metal community.

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