Addressing Allegaeon’s Breakup

Yeah, clickbait. Assholes. 😀

As you have probably noticed, many bands are using the Patreon crowdfunding site to help them finance their musical career. There’s varying opinions on the matter. People are becoming harsh and abrasive to the fact that people are supporting music this way. People outside of music do not understand how truly difficult it is to stay in business. Record labels aren’t what they used to be and many bands use them to aid in distribution because it’s essentially cheaper for both parties in the end and they’re able to make something from it. The money in music isn’t what it used to be either. So labels have a difficult time making money off bands and funding them. At least from what I hear throughout the music scene.

Now back to my personal opinion on the matter. You don’t have to participate in their crowdfunding and you don’t have to support them as a band. But what you don’t understand is the time and effort these people give to music because it’s something they love. Just like any one of us with a passion. They’ve taken the time and countless 1,000’s of hours and studio time, time away from family and loved ones, financial decline, and setting aside the rest of life to pursue what makes them happy. Essentially, making us happy because we love and support music. It costs money to make music. Much of this comes from their own pockets. No that’s not our problem. But it’s our responsibility as fans to support where we can. Even if it’s just a share or buying a shirt and a CD… paying to see a show.  This is why crowdfunding can help bands who are in a rut to get out and KEEP doing what they’re doing. So to all the people saying they need day jobs, most all of these people have jobs that they go back too once tour is over or while they’re making music. You try to take 4-5 people and make a band and keep everyone in sync…. shit is not easy. I’m not making excuses here. I’m telling the truth of the matter.

Times have changed and the way they’re able to get support has changed. The internet can do amazing things and with it, we can donate, give, and support globally to many different causes all over the world. I’m not addressing the worst of the worst things you can give your money too. I’m addressing music. I’m sure many of you feel the same way I do. Music is my passion and it has saved me. Nothing better than turning up your favorite song to pull you out of your shitty mood, or seeing a show, or meeting your favorite band, or watching the excitement on a friends face when you introduce them to a new band and they LIKE it. Do you think it’s easy for people to swallow their pride and ask for help from their fans? I don’t know… maybe. haha But my point is, stop being asshats about it. Either give or don’t give. Have your rightful opinions, but maybe have a little more understanding that just because “other bands aren’t begging” doesn’t mean they haven’t considered it or are in the process of starting their own crowdfunding.

As long as they can make music and keep the market alive, that’s all that matters.

No, Allegaeon are not breaking up. Stop believing gossip.

No, you do not have to participate or agree. But cut your asshole problems in half for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll feel better.

No, you do not have to agree with me. I might not even change your mind. Can you guess how many fucks I give?



Support music and stop being a bitch.

Thank you!


Support Music

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