Gojira… setting the bar. Live in Seattle!


I was in attendance for this show and I’m not even kidding, joking, or being relatively passively nice about it when I express how serious I am for all you people to go see them live. No matter how you may or may not feel about them as a band, if you don’t like metal, if they’re not your cup of tea, or if you love them so hard you’d follow them around for the rest of their tour! EITHER WAY…. fucking GO!!!!

I’ve seen many shows. Some of the best names in the business and Gojira can hang and deliver even above some of the more popular bands. They set the bar beyond high last night. This tour proves that they’re here and that they’re not going anywhere. They played their set with new and old songs, each one delivered beautifully. I preordered their new album, Magma, and I was so excited the day it came in the mail. I opened it immediately and played Silvera. Silvera blew everyone away. Rightfully so. Powerful in your face vocals, riffs off the chart, and whatever in the fuck is the driving force behind Mario’s drumming technique, is godly. But then I listened to the other songs on the album and spent the next 3 weeks playing this album over and over.

It is riddled with purpose, destination, art,  fuel, and pain. I feel it in my core. A release and an energy so fierce, there’s no therapist in the world that could get this kind of emotion out of a person.  This is what’s saved for the realm of music. I depend on music as a healing process and Gojira is part of that. As far as the live performance, it was a masterpiece. Mario Duplantier has Thor’s hammer in his hands and feet. He was a crushing force of percussion. When he did his solo, I was watching the faces of everyone in disbelief. The feeling coming through was enigmatic. Joe delivered a vocal power true to a person not here to fuck around. The whole band radiates energy and delight to have their music understood to some extent. It’s something that could transform anyone who may not be into metal, a metalhead for life.

I could essentially go on and on about how incredible it was. But I’m going to leave it here and tell you go see them live. Buy their new album, MAGMA.


For their music, upcoming shows, and general info… go like them on Facebook:


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