The Megadeth Dystopia Tour Has Something To Prove in Seattle!


Not really.


Just on the lineup alone convinced me that Dave knows damn good and well how to put on a show. Although Havok is no longer on the bill, Butcher Babies gladly accepted the spot and came in like a femme-fatale force to be reckon with. If you want to start a show off right, put these fierce women on the front lines. Heidi and Carla know how to get the crowd moving. They also have a great relationship with their fans and make their shows relatable by including the audience in their performance. Plus they look ultra hot in those little plaid skirts and wild hair.



For the next course, we were delighted with a metal “concerto” from Washington State’s very own Metal Church! They brought it home for us all especially when Steve Unger came out looking rather dapper in his #24 “Money Lynch” Seahawks jersey.



Mike Howe rocks those vocals like the pro he is. These guys are larger than life and deserve the same stage of success with the greats alongside them. As fans, we can only beg that they stay in the game and keep producing music. Washington keeps proving time and time again that we’re a force to be reckon with when it comes to producing invaluable artists in the music community! Their stage chemistry is epic and they know how to work the crowd. There was one moment when Steve took a pause to take a selfie with one of the photographers.


It’s moments like this that show us who the professionals are. Which Megadeth proves later on in their show!! Killer job Metal Church!!!




Megadeth has inserted a variety of music on their Dystopia tour. Ranging from metal, heavy metal, death metal, to punk/hardcore. YES! All realms of metal. FUCK!

Suicidal Tendencies came out and ignited the stage. These guys are still kicking ass 20 years later. They even have a new album out “World Gone Mad” so be sure to grab that.


Where these guys get their energy from I don’t know… but it was insanity. They were moving and jumping around and the crowd was doing the same. As a photographer it was a challenge to get pictures but it was entertaining to watch. The crowd agreed. So did the mosh pit. ST is still touring and still producing great albums. Keep slaying guys! You deserve all the success. Mike Muir says it best, “Get your fight on.” Politics can fuck off, keep your mind right, keep moving… keep breathing and keep moving forward.



Now on this tour they invited some Vikings to come pillage the stage. None other than Amon Amarth. My favorite death metal band ever. They’re such a maddening force of brutality! They growled their classics with songs like Guardians of Asgaard and Runes To My Memory, but it kicked off with songs from their new album “Jomsviking” which I highly suggest all you bastards run out and buy!


They brought their viking ship to the shores of Seattle and left us decimated in the wake of heavy riffs, brutal lyrics of war, protecting our own, friendship and battle, and carnage. All the guys bring intensity and fun. Every time I’ve seen these guys they relate with their audience. I’ve seen the crowd shouting out every lyric while Johan Hegg stares them down in the eyes providing a moment between artist and fan, both relating, both in the moment. It’s such an overwhelming show and a must see for all.



As the photographer for this show, I can honestly say it was one of the best moments of my career. The privilege to shoot this  show in its entirety is a great experience. The crowd gets hyped to be in the shots, the crowd surfing, the brief moments of stopping what I’m doing to sing along and bang my head…. this is what music is about.



Lastly, but certainly not least, MEGADETH. All the guys put on a great show. Dave still sparks metal-mania wherever he goes. The Dystopia Tour is in support of their new album Dystopia, (duh). He brought a great production with a giant movie screen showcasing maddening  images of war, carnage, insanity, often depicting a cartoon image of a man’s face melting off and a light-show of spectacular realms. Dave took some moments to talk with the crowd and express appreciation and love for his undying fans. Megadeth has been through many ups and downs over the years, but they never wavered in their performance. Energy was off the hook and Dave even found some time to not take shit from anyone, even at his show which he made evident when a fan suggested that he do something… or trying to tell him what to do to which Dave replied, “You don’t tell me what to do. I’m up here and you’re down there.” We laughed. Keep slaying Dave.

While I wasn’t allowed to take pics of the Megadeth show, I still enjoyed the entire show and will urge everyone to see this tour. It’s a rare event that a lineup like this will come to your city.




Support these artists and the new albums they have out:

Butcher Babies

Metal Church

Suicidal Tendencies

Amon Amarth



For a full view of all photo sets from the Seattle show:

Immortal Affliction Photography



3 thoughts on “The Megadeth Dystopia Tour Has Something To Prove in Seattle!

  1. Dave Mustaine is such a douche. That one line “I wasn’t allowed to take pictures” tells you all you need to know about Megadeth. Glad you enjoyed the show. Amon Amarth is great.

  2. I just saw the show in Denver and agree it was a fantastic line up. Me and my buddy got their late and just missed Butcher Babies, however, we got in just in time for Metal Church to start playing. They did not disappoint.

    Suicidal played next and their energy is definitely infectious. I was able to get a selfie with Mike Muir as he came out into the crowd and I don;t have to tell any true Metal fan that has experienced that, what a rush it is. Mikes a great guy and he listens to you and he engage you and will call you out. He asked me, did you get the new album? I said no, it just came out right Mike? Yeah, he said, go get it now. lol

    Amon Amarth was as good as my friend Jim (who has now seen them like eight times) told me they would be. Brutal riffs and extreme power comes from their set. The lead singer looks the audience right in the eyes and doesn’t hesitate to engage or show his appreciation for their attendance.

    Megadeths Video show as I call it was amazing and he also showed a new look to Vic Rattle head. The music was loud, fast and spot on. No distortion and stopping and starting on a dime, you know, like Metallica use to be able to do….

    I engage every once in a while with Dave on Twitter and that of course makes this metal fans day as I have lived this music all of my life.

    I have been to over two hundred shows and like to say I have a PHD in Metal. That being said, I think I’m qualified to say that was a GREAT SHOW and spot on review.

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