Dolly Parton- Pure and Simple


Dolly Parton was more than pure and simple during her performance last night at the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA. She dazzled. Literally. She was covered in rhinestones and she glistened like the iconic country music singer she is. She has yet again proven that throughout all these years, she hasn’t lost a beat…or a step… or broke a nail? The woman is talent, heart, and soul. She played various instruments throughout the show ranging from a harpsichord, penny whistle (which was my favorite), piano, guitar, banjo… to name a few.



This was my first time seeing her live and I grew up listening to her music and watching her movies. My mother played her stuff all the time. I still watch A Smokey Mountain Christmas several times a year and Steel Magnolias twice a month. I was like a little girl watching my idol sing before me. She sounded just like she did on tv and in her albums. She has that signature Dolly laugh, impeccable story telling, and sarcasm for days. She made all the usual jokes that people make about her, but she did it with such panache. Dolly had the room cracking up with laughter. From jokes about botox and boobs to some heartfelt stories about growing up poor and the things she had overcome to  her father whom she sang a tune for. Even though she didn’t come up with much, she still remained humble to the fact that they always had enough. There was always dinner on the table. It might not have been as much as they wanted but, “It tasted good.” Dolly said. “And that’s all that mattered.”




With each story she would go into a song that fit her story. It was like watching a magical movie performance unveil. She didn’t have no big production and the most I saw was a little smoke during one of her songs. She even made some humor from the fact that she wanted to keep it pure and simple. Dolly doesn’t need a big production. SHE is the production. The production of hard work, amazing outfits, and great hair. Dolly sang songs from her new album, Pure and Simple, plus the classics we all know and love. I Will Always Love You, 9 To 5, Jolene… she also mixed in some songs from other artists, new and older,  and did her take on it. She performed Girl  On Fire by Alicia Keys to Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind and others.



I didn’t stop crying for the first half of the show. It was overwhelming to see her live. I think I speak for the majority of the people in attendance because nearly everyone was in tears. Dolly is and will forever be the Queen of country music.

If you can get out to see her show, GO!!!! Pick up her new album, “Pure and Simple” and just enjoy her magnetism.


I’d also like to give a very special thanks to Caitlin and Kirt of  Webster Public Relations for being so hospitable and accommodating to some of us from the press.

Buy Dolly’s new album and like her on Facebook

For a full photo set visit Immortal Affliction Photography:

Immortal Affliction- Dolly’s photo’s

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