Coheed and Cambria- Seattle 2016


These guys brought a serious level of energy. It was magnetic. I’ve been a fan for nearly 20 years and it was my first time seeing them live. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and I know my Seattle crowd, but I wasn’t sure what direction they had for Coheed. Quickly the venue filled; which was at the Showbox SoDo so it’s a decent size. Naturally it got a little hot, but the crowd was ready. Screaming, chanting, bodies on top of bodies….. Claudio didn’t disappoint. He started out with the song Ghost and a delicate light display of purple and white, giving off a soft silhouette.



As many artists who pass through Seattle, they expressed  love for the city and gaining a cheer from the crowd. They started to really rock out and the crowd begin to surf. There was even moshing… so it was entertaining to see a pit and the passion people were feeling fighting their way to the front. The chemistry with the band was awesome. They enjoyed being up there and making music. Every time they started to play a song, the crowd roared and sang right along with them. k83a7986

I’d like to give some props to the drummer, Josh Eppard, for bring that heartbeat and having such a raging time. It was fun to photograph you. I’m all about the drummers. haha


For their encore they covered Drain You by Nirvana. It always hits an emotional nerve, but one that transcends anything negative because it speaks to Seattle. So with great respects, Coheed slayed the evening. Thanks for this amazing performance. Until next time.




Coheed and Cambria on Facebook


For a full photo set:

Immortal Affliction Photography

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