Pierce The Veil- Made To Destroy Tour- Presented by Journey’s- Seattle Show


Pierce the Veil landed with a crash of confetti and high energy. It was my first time seeing them live and I was no doubt excited about their performance. While their fan base is a massive population of adoring girls, there were many in attendance from all age groups that were rocking out and singing all the words. Then venue was definitely packed with bodies and it catered to the brutal heat felt through the place which Vic mentioned as he came on stage and noted that this was the hottest of the tour so far. It didn’t stop the flow of crowd surfing bodies and screaming fans.


The guys, namely Vic, had a personal attachment to Seattle which was evident in him sharing memories of Shoreline and sporting an Emerald City shirt. Days before, the posted on instagram a lovely photo of him and his lady having a day out at Discovery Park. The show carried such great vibes and the bands compassion of all walks of life, how happy they were to be in Seattle where no one cares what you look like, how you dress, or where you come from. It was a great unity of music throughout the entire show. Fans belted out every lyric, often times being just as loud as the band WITHOUT microphones or a speaker. I’ll give credit to that #12th man mentality. We don’t need no stinkin mics. 😀







Towards the end of the show, they treated us with an encore. As I always write, you’re not escaping Seattle without an encore. When they began to play Circles, the whole crowd ignited, bodies were swaying, there was crowd surfing, and even a circle pit. I was highly impressed with them, their attitudes, excitement, and stage presence. The opening acts were just as high energy and brutal. So a shoutout to Neck Deep and I Prevail. You’ll be getting your own review. It was truly nice to see them love what they do. Make music.


Seattle cannot wait for your return PTV. Great job fella’s!!

Full Photo set: Immortal Affliction Photography- Pierce The Veil

Bands: Pierce The VeilNeck Deep, and I Prevail

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