311 Unity Tour- Seattle


This was my first time shooting this show and seeing them live. The venue quickly filled up after a superb performance from the opening act, Lions Ambition, and soon 311 took the stage. The musicianship, vocals, energy, and vibe were amazing. I even thought they sounded better present day than they did 20 years ago. Nick Hexum looks fit as ever and hasn’t lost a step. SA Martinez brought back so many memories listening to him sing his parts of the song. P-Nut slayed during his bass solo playing “Get Lucky”. It brought chills to my skin. The lighting set the mood…. it was perfect.

I kept thinking that after all these years was I going to get the 311 I remembered when I was teenager. I’ve followed them through the years and it’s been incredible, but not the exact same as seeing them live for the first time. They gave more and then some.



The bowls were lit, the joints were smoked, and “Whose Got The Herb” got the people groovin and movin. Couples were swaying and dancing while individuals followed suit. The dynamic and energy was amazing. Such is the Seattle style. They sounded so great live I can’t wait until their next live performance. It really was a treat to see this show. I do hate that the  Matsiyahu  show didn’t travel to Seattle with them. But I’m also glad we had the extra 311 time.



Yes I know… Chad looks thrilled. 😀 Good times.

Chad is a fucking BEAST on that kit. He did a short drum solo with what felt and sounded like effortless energy, but was brought from a place of master artistry. He’s an animal. The good kind. K83A9440

Tim was in the vibe the whole time. What a shredtastic performance from this guy. Thanks for the enigmatic faces. You rule!

Of course when they played their last song we encored them back on stage where they performed one of their iconic songs, “Down”. Then we all proceeded in a glorious chant of 3!!! 1!! 1!!, they left the stage, I bought my shirt, and left. It didn’t feel like it lasted long enough. It was a packed set and over an hour and a half, but they were so good and it ended too soon. Until next time fellas.


If you missed this tour, too bad for you.


311- Setlist

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Immortal Affliction Photography

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