Ne Obliviscaris- Seattle


This band is the reason I truly enjoy writing about music. It generates its own gravity, light, darkness… a compelling vision for the future of metal. It harbors every emotion one can feel into melodic melodies and a tirade of notes screaming for a resilient listener. Ne Obliviscaris demands yet submits to their music. It’s unapologetic, fluid, and downright fucking killer.


Xen, lead vocals and ghostly vampire of the group sets a tone like a god needing only to speak when called upon but is a focal point, a center if you will, in a conclave with the rest of the band. Tim Charles delivers the most beautiful violin addition. I’m a sucker for a violin. It’s been my most favorite instrument since I was a wee thing. He sings the clean vocals with a most harmonious voice driving forward the music and lyrics. Matt Klavins (Guitar) , Benjamin Baret (Lead guitar), Dan Presland (Drums), and Brendon “Cygnus”  Brown (Bass), are the powerhouse of instruments that create this amazing and unique 6 piece group.






My first encounter was seeing them in Seattle for the first time opening for Cradle of Filth. I had a friend with me and when the band started, our faces just melted, jaws hit the floor… we just looked at each other like WHOA! Ne Oblivisicaris makes me think if Edgar Allen Poe and Lestat got together and had a band… this would be it. It’s dark, sensual, intriguing, beautiful, alluring, and powerful. I had the pleasure of seeing them tour as a headlining act, back to Seattle, and I knew my initial impression was correct. The band had me weeping where I stood. There was a moment I had to stop taking pictures because it was so raw a feeling. Everyone was thinking and feeling the same thing.

If you’ve not listened to them, do it. If you want to see them to continue to tour you can support them on Patreon, buy their music, buy merch, give support, and invite your friends to experience this for themselves. They are great group of guys/artists who deserve every success.

To support their music endeavors-

NeO Patreon

Like them:

Ne Obliviscaris- Facebook

The Photography and full set:

Immortal Affliction Photography

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