It gets to be too much sometimes, trying to go on as normal while the world falls further into despair. Everyone is having opinions, thoughts, reactions, feelings, and ideas on what’s going to make it better. Justly so. Even when I tire of reading it all, I know we’re all just having our moments to grieve or think these things through how we see fit. In all honesty, human nature has no real idea on how to make anything better because we’re separated by cultural divides and worlds that none of us will ever be a part of or understand. Even if we can only glimpse it, we still can’t understand it in its entirety. The only thing we can grasp is that it’s just love and hate that fuels tragedy… for the wrong and right reasons.

The twisted part is that both desires and feelings are not containable… the only thing you can do is hope that what you’re teaching in your politics, religions, child rearing, and relationships is what peace, forgiveness, goodness, and true moral character really is. It’s not about love or hate… it’s not even about humanity, it’s striving to be a less flawed version of yourself each and everyday and hope that when you pass this life, there’s something beyond anything we can see that somehow makes this existence worth it. Even when we see madness and despair, screaming to the heavens, “WHY GOD WHY!!!” You’re not going to be able to make sense of pure evil and you’re not going to understand pure evil because you’re not pure evil. The only solution is the divinity in good that abolishes evil. It’s very easy to be swayed to either side for the justice you seek to right the wrongs that have happened. Then you have to ask, how are we any different?

I don’t know the answers, I’m just thinking out loud. Doing what humans do…

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