Amon Amarth- Jomsviking Tour SEATTLE


My first show that began my concert photography career was Amon Amarth. It was death metal with a purpose. The lyrics are proud and strong leaving you with a feeling of wanting to run into battle and on the fields of victory to share celebrations with the gods! They came out with the Jomsviking album this year and of course I had that on preorder. Once it came in the mail I listened to it everyday in its entirety. This album is so phenomenal taking you back into the stretches of what it was like to have been a Viking eons ago… and I’ve no doubts even in today’s world! It’s an epoch of a  story from start to finish, embellishing the trials and tribulations of war, training with your friend and sparing no feelings except death, celebrating victory and drinking to the gods. It’s really chocked full of entertainment and Johan delivers as usual.



I remember at the last US tour, Johan Hegg stated as he asked us all to sing along but, “It does not matter if you do not know the words, it’s is death metal.” with a giant grin.  HOWEVER, we all knew them. There wasn’t much difference with this tour. Everyone belted out the lyrics with him, the crowd was a power hungry force to be reckon with, everyone was trying to scamper passed the security reaches for a glimpse and a picture. It was a sold out show with sold out VIV (Very Important Viking). That was also AWESOME!!! We got a ginormous amazing poster, one I’m getting framed, signed by the band. I don’t mean no flimsy ass poster either. The artwork is amazing and it’s sturdy. You got a tote bag with a signed setlist, patch, VIV lanyard, early entrance, no crowd merch, pics with the band… They had guys to help you that were dressed in chain mail and war helms.


Alls I can say is that if  you haven’t seen them live… I suggest you make plans to do so. They’re on tour with Entombed A.D. and Exmortus who are all exceptionally badass bands. I’ve not seen Amon Amarth tour with less than. Their last US tour was with Sabaton and that was a fucking treat!!! I’ll miss these guys and I hope I don’t have to wait another 2 years to see them again. Be sure to grab that new JOMSVIKING album. Amon Amarth is one of the only metal bands that makes me well up inside. I know, it’s funny to think of someone crying over metal… but it’s so strong and resonating! Thank you Sweden for never failing to deliver epic fucking metal!

Thank you to Metal Blade Records, Earsplit PR, Amon Amarth, techs, bands, merch, roadies, beer, and Praise Odin!!!


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Jomsviking Album

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Amon Amarth photo’s

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