Transgendered bathrooms. WTF?!!


Yes, What in the actual fuck is a problem here? I hear so many ignorant ass views on this issue and none of it holds up. A person who feels and/or is born as a certain sex but feels they are opposite of how they’re born deserves any and every right to take a shit where they feel comfortable. There are no laws in this world that are going to keep out sexual predators. None. You’re at no more risk of someone molesting your child in public bathroom than you are in the grocery store. Statistically speaking, rapes and child abuse occurs commonly within the home by a friend or relative. So your argument is invalid. If someone wants to harm you, there aren’t any laws to keep them from doing it because they will anyway.

How many times in your life have you walked into a gender specific bathroom and found the opposite sex in there? The occurrence is rare. If it does happen, and there’s no foul play, a person probably had to REALLY go. This whole argument based situation is about as dumb as fucking rocks especially that time when people said that legalizing gay marriage would lead to people wanting to marry or have sex with animals. Do you know how many people have been fucking animals since the dawn of time? A LOT. You fucking nimrods. Giving someone the right to marry another human consisting of consenting adults should be given. it’s not your life. You don’t have to live it. You don’t have to sleep with them, you don’t have to eat with them, you don’t have to talk to them. But what you’re going to do is shut the fuck up about it and deal with it. You’ve probably used the bathroom with a trans person before and you didn’t even know it. LGBTQ+ have been cooking your food, breeding your cows and chickens, running your countries since the dawn of time. It’s part of human nature and just because it wasn’t accepted 20-30-50-100-1000 years ago doesn’t mean you didn’t have cross-dressers, people of unidentifiable sexual orientation,   gays, and lesbians all around the world.

Look at a hermaphrodite… a person born with both parts of male and female genitalia. Most times, if the parents don’t choose, they let the person choose how they feel and who they are when they grow up. Whose to say that it’s not the same with someone born with male or female parts that feel the opposite? Why do you care so fucking much about someone else’s life that you feel you need to hold them back from living freely of their own accord? You also realize people have been shitting in outhouses with non-gendered specific areas because you only had one outhouse!! Or a porta-potty!!! Get over it. Close the door and stay home if you’re so frightened. Your children are not in danger of sexual predators in the bathroom, they’re in danger of you raising them to be ignorant assholes, unaccepting of humans in general society.


THIS IS A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE. It wasn’t that long ago when a person of color couldn’t use the same bathroom as whites and it wasn’t that long ago when women couldn’t vote or hold a position of power along side her male counterparts, it wasn’t that long ago that this country wouldn’t even allow the borders open to immigrants. If you’re one of these people against the rights for someone else SHAME THE FUCK ON YOU!

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