August Burns Red


August Burns Red pretty much kicked this entire tour in the ass and ran with it. This is a GREAT thing. Jake delivered intensity, passion, and drive with his vocals and energetic performance. It was also nice to see drummer Matt wearing a Seattle Seahawks shirt during his performance and Jake sharing a nice story about Seattle camaraderie during one of the Seahawks games he attended where he blew his voice out from cheering before the game even began and how Matt got noticed by Russell Wilson by yelling his name out at an awards show. We laughed and did our ritual SEA!!! HAWKS!!!  But the stars of this show was in fact ABR.

I’m generally a positive reviewer and writer when it comes to music. Aside from others in the industry that over analyze everything and tell everyone how bad they suck. Unfortunately, I was not impressed by the opening act Good Tiger. Myself and most of the audience were trying to get through the vocal stylings and unimpressive riffs of this particular band. I was not feeling it at all. Perhaps a revisit back into the laboratory to see how that dying cat in heat sound can be fixed. I almost left the show.


Between the Buried and Me did a decent job. Not what I was expecting but they did ok. I do like their music very much so perhaps it was an off night for everyone. I’m glad I stuck around until the end though. August Burns Red slayed it on stage presence, chemistry with the audience, vocals, and basic veteran command of the stage. It was my first time seeing them live and I’ll definitely attend another of their shows again.

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