NIGHTWISH, Sonata Arctica, and Delain


Nightwish has graced us with their North American tour and we couldn’t be happier. They’ve brought with them Sonata Arctica and Delain. There are no words to describe the awesome. All 3 bands are such a treat to see perform, we’re so lucky to have them all at the same time here in America. Nightwish just unleashed their 8th album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” and most beautiful it is. There’s always a certain level of controversy when it comes to new lead singers of previously established bands. Nightwish has no doubt undergone various musicians and vocalists through the years and “diehard” fans may not always be warm and welcoming to new additions. Some have their favorites, whether it’s Tarja, Annette, or Floor. One thing is certain, no matter what changes have occurred, Nightwish has remained true to Nightwish. Each new member has brought something different yet valid to the band, giving us a different insight into the artistic revelations they’ve produced over the years. Nightwish has become bigger than itself.


As a writer/photographer of music and shows that I see, Floor Jansen is no doubt a beautiful and humble performer. All three of the bands on this tour are from the amazing Scandinavian lands: Finland and the Netherlands. As many Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch bands as I’ve seen over the years, one this is true… they’re all so humble on stage and look so happy to be there. The chemistry between the bands is fun to watch and they all bring an array of musical talents that we don’t really see in many North American bands. Their flair for folk tales and historical stories mixed with melodic rhythms and ethereal vocals leaves me wanting more. It’s nice to see that metal is alive in various ways, from different perspectives all over the world. K83A8441

Sonata Arctica and Delain both ignited their performances and we so fun and charismatic to have on stage. I met with Charlotte Wessels (leads singer of Delain) after the show, got a pic with her and congratulated her on a job well done. She expressed that she didn’t feel she was at her best due to being sick, which ultimately the same went for Floor of Nightwish. So they had to cancel their Boise, ID show. They gave it their all in Seattle and I’ve no doubts it exhausted whatever was left in them. You couldn’t tell for a moment they were under the weather. They powered through and completed the show with success. I do hope they’re on the mend and feeling better. I hope there’s also a tour in the future. America loves you. We LOVE FINLAND!


Thanks to the venues, PR, managers, techs, bands, fans, working staff, and everyone else that made this tour possible. Be sure to pick up their amazing albums. Like their pages. Support music.

Delain on Facebook

Sonata Arctica on Facebook

Nightwish on Facebook

And to see full photo sets of the Seattle show, like me here:

Immortal Affliction Photography

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