Joe Satriani made me cry!



For real. I’ve been anticipating this show since I was old enough to know what music was. Fortunately when my career began as a concert photographer, this was the stuff of dreams. My 11 year old self is hyperventilating somewhere in a corner next to a stack of Hit Paraders. So Joe is venturing out doing this Shockwave tour to promote his solo works and the world couldn’t be happier. Surfing with the alien is a hell of an analogy when it comes to this show.

This particular show was in Seattle at the illustrious Paramount Theater. A mighty fine setting if I do say so myself. Joe decided on a nice white screen back drop for the production while he plays, which features footage of the past and amazing animations and renderings that move to each song. He’s accompanied by some other talented musicians; Mike Kineally, Marco Minnemann, and Bryan Beller. They all had amazing stage dynamic and chemistry. It was such a treat to be able to see this live from one of the greatest guitar gods ever.

I came prepared to record a little bit of this show, granted press was only given 2 songs to shoot through, I didn’t want to leave without at least a sample. I was able to get a few frames on my camera. I did manage to get The Crystal Planet on my phone and I just recall sitting there watching them play with tears welling up in my eyes. For those who don’t know, this was an instrumental show. It’s like watching Bach play the piano, or watching Van Gogh paint, or listening to an opera…except it was guitars. It was a very powerful performance and all the while I could imagine some kid sitting their rooms rewinding clips of their favorite musicians on old vhs tapes (which now we have youtube) trying to learn the chords to a song. Witnessing art and creativity erupt is an amazing experience. The years, hard work, and dedication to the craft really makes for legendary events. With the losses within the music industry as of late, tonight boded some healing and reminders of how fortunate we are to be in the company of something great. Even if for a moment.



Joe also had such an enlightening personality on stage. He was humble, cracked a few jokes, and seemed to really be having a great time. You can tell the passion he puts into what he does. He’s got facial expressions for days. It’s really entertaining capturing those in my camera because I tend to feel the same way he looks when he’s playing. In Ecstasy. Ha! He played songs like, The Crystal Planet, Friends, Not of This Earth, Flying in a Blue Dream, Summer Song I believe… and much more. He released Shockwave Supernova last year so I suggest, if you haven’t already, grabbing a copy of this and if he’s coming to a city near you, GO. Just GO!


Thanks to PR, Management, Paramount for hosting in Seattle, Musicians, Techs, Fans, and everyone involved who made this tour possible.

Pick up his albums here:

Joe Satriani Music


Joe Satriani on Facebook

And if you like the photography: Immortal Affliction Photography

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