White Power has gotten fatter and even more intoxicated.

Phil Anselmo… oh Phil. What the FUCK are you doing? Do you not realize how far we’ve come in music? In society in general? The fact that millions of Jews and people of different ethnicities, beliefs, orientations… were literally burned to death, gassed, and lynched by the very Nazi hand gesture you threw up as your fat ass screamed out “White Power” in a venue of fans who come to enjoy the show. Fans no doubt of many different ethnicities and backgrounds. YOU are not going to escape this any longer.

Aside from your hateful manners, saying that this was a joke is even more offensive. You’ve been “joking” so long I’m not even sure you live in reality anymore. This isn’t back in the day anymore. No one is going to be quiet and let you get away with your shit. You’ll never be Pantera. You had the chance to make music, tour the world, meet billions of people of all creeds, and be welcomed into their cultures and societies… yet you throw up some old ass Nazi bullshit and scream out some ignorant crap. It’s time for you to retire and seek out some AA groups to help you with your addictions. I’d start with addressing your addictions to ignorance. I would hope the metal community grows a fucking brain and jumps off your bandwagon. If no one has yet realized how harmful this is to our growth and development, not only in society, but in music, then you have no business anywhere near music. And you certainly have no business in a fucking studio making music.


Music is freedom, not oppression.

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