Hello to you Adele…. we’ve been waiting from the other side…


Finally!!! FINALLY it has happened. I kept waiting for her to get through some sort of tumultuous relationship break up so she could get back in the studio and start writing. Joking Adele… but seriously!!! You keep us waiting in suspense. But it pays off. HELLO is epically ground breaking and most of us humans find ourselves in tears anytime this woman opens her mouth to sing. With such a unique voice and style, it’s no wonder she’s sweeping the globe by storm with a celebrated 90+ million views on youtube. Pretty sure I can claim a 1 mil of those.

She’s raw. She’s grace. And she’s looking better than ever. To the men who broke her heart, THANK YOU. You gave us something real and you’re stupid for letting her go. Men and women both can relate to her words on so many levels. Some people will feel the loss through heartbreak and some through death. The chorus of Hello is powerful and delivered phenomenally. She has showed no signs of wavering in her abilities, but growing and I’m beyond excited to see where this is going to take her. Her voice is like Christmas morning. You don’t know what to expect, you just know it’s going to be magical.


Check out her new song HELLO from the NEW album 25.

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