The Black Dahlia Murder- Indie Merch Tour


Holy shit!! These guys blew into Seattle like a raging storm and flooded the stage with their melodic tones of death and destruction. Frontman Trevor Strnad set the entire night on fire as he growled his way through each song, conducting this performance as if it were a symphony. His hands moved and radiated like a deliberate ploy to cause music to happen. Maybe he did. 😀 All I can say is that if you can make it out to see them perform, I suggest you do so.


The venue was small and hot, but packed wall to wall and body to body. The pits were raging, stage diving from all genders took place, and the crowd surfed in the hot wave of body electric. All the guys in the band bonded with the crowd. Trevor would reach out and grab reaching hands, send out a warm smile, and invoke the sense of togetherness before setting out to mutilate and destroy your earholes. Justly of course. Then they took pics with their fans after the show. They are truly archaic.

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The Black Dahlia Murder brought with them some opening acts as well. Maruta, from Florida who are a death metal- grindcore band. I do think they could use more bass. But they rocked it out. 😀 Then there was the insanely buff and I mean legit BUFF hardcore band Harm’s Way, from Chicago, that got the crowd riled and rowdy. And last but certainly NOT fucking least was Iron Reagan from Richmond, VA. They specialize in punk hardcore! It was like taking a trip back to the early 80’s and 90’s hardcore punk era. They were so fucking nasty it was good. They did a Cannibal Corpse cover and slayed it. Frontman Tony Foresta knows how to work a crowd and has great stage presence which proved when the crowds set to the mosh pit and heads were banging. It was a really great show over all. GO FUCKING SEE THIS TOUR!!!!


A HUGE thanks again to Earsplit PR for the chance to cover this band, Metal Blade Records, El Corazon in Seattle, The Black Dahlia Murder, Iron Reagan, Harm’s Way, and Maruta for serving up an epic show! All bands have music to buy, visit their sites and show some support. Until next time…. \m/

The Black Dahlia Murder

Iron Reagan

Harm’s Way


And for the Photography

Immortal Affliction Photography

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