Celebrity Skin

When you’re already so young and very susceptible to the world around you, especially with celebrity people who end up with celebrity children who grow up with cameras in their faces and other family members who don’t set decent examples, it’s no wonder that when they’ve finally reached the spotlight it comes with identity issues, depression, media speculation, botox, plastic surgery, and massive amounts of hate from the general public just because of who they’re turning into which coincides with various degrees of personal affliction. It’s sad that they cannot enjoy the innocence of life without having to question their makeup, weight, and clothes for the day.

As a rational thinking person, I feel really bad for these young ladies who are still children and living life in the fast lane. They’re so concerned with how fat their fucking lips are, they can’t enjoy life. I’m guilty of losing myself in the Hollywood hype and judging these young girls when it’s really not their fault. They’re products of their environments and it’s obvious they don’t feel good about themselves deep down inside. Money only goes so far in life… and this trickle down affect goes hand in hand with other young and impressionable girls and guys who spend enormous amounts of hours a day in the mirror contemplating their vanity instead of their character.

We as parents are placed in a difficult situation when it comes to our children. We can’t make them feel any way they don’t want to feel, but we can make sure we’re giving them the proper tools to combat all this unrealistic human perfection. The more perfect you try to be, the more flawed you become. At the end of the day… the news is filled with all kinds of dumb shit and even though most of us see this Hollywood bullshit regarding celebrities and/or their children (the A-list kinda people) it is somewhat just as important as the Wars going on in the world because this is the new breed of generations that don’t give a shit. And if we don’t fix compassion over vanity, then the worry over poverty, death, and war…isn’t going to mean so much anymore. STOP worrying about your fucking face!!! Worry about your character!

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