KMFDM Salvation Tour 2015 with CHANT and Black December


KMFDM has been going pretty strong for over 30 years. Their Salvation tour in Seattle reconfirmed that throughout the evolutionary time scale of their music, they constantly rise to the challenge. It was such an amazing performance I’m still on a show high. Not to mention I scored a shit ton of loot from these guys! 🙂



Sascha delivered badass vocal skills and a demanding stage presence alongside the sultry, beautiful, and talented Lucia Cifarelli. It was an incredible journey going back through music time with this band.





Sascha humored us all, while Lucia was singing, by lighting a cigarette during his technical part of the show. Lucky me I got the lighter. Thanks Sascha… I’ll mail it back to you if you want. 🙂 The mosh pits were frothy and the room was a sweaty, body to body, confection of determined mixes of all ages. Surprisingly, there was many younger people there. I thought I would be completely old as fuck being that I have listened to KMFDM since the early 90’s. It’s pretty funny going to these shows sometimes and we’re all middle-aged. NONETHELESS, music prevails and we congregated like a bunch of sweaty misfits, our fists in the air, with a stab of rebellion. I’m so wordy.


Thanks to KMFDM for touring the US. I know on their Facebook page they were having issues getting into the country and dealing with treatment issues from the government, but I strongly hope it doesn’t keep you all from coming back. Kick ass and take names on the rest of your tour. Oi!!!



This is one of those bands I was excited to see. You definitely need to see this artistry live to REALLY get a sense of the passion this man puts into his music. It’s a “tribal infused industrial rock” show from some deep seeded epicness that only people with this mental caliber can deliver. I was impressed. The set up was incredible with drums on either side of the stage and in the middle where two other musicians would join on those drums in a systemic rhythmic unison of beats that had the crowd reeling with excitement.

Revolt was my personal favorite.

See them live. Check out their music.  CHANT is also involved in other projects and charity organizations.



K83A3918This band is fairly new, beginning just in 2014, but giving them a listen and then seeing them live was really awesome. They just released their first album “Vol.1” and it’s been a huge hit so far. I’m excited to see what else they produce in the future. They have a very mashup sound that takes me back to the 90’s (which I fucking LOVE, duh). Hints of Rob Zombie, NIN, KORN type of style that they’re making their own. Heavy rock metal if you will. Not to mention they have one helluva gorgeous bassist, Kimber Parrish, who is also a makeup artist in LA with an impressive resume. 🙂

“It Just Feels Right” my personal fave off the new album. Great job guys!

K83A3979K83A3904K83A3887K83A3890Do yourself a favor and be sure to get your ass on the Salvation train. Grab these albums, support live music, and lets bring some fucking talent back into the cesspool of music!!! This is one helluva tour with great supports. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks to the bands, PR, techs, and labels that made this possible!




And of course, thanks to Immortal Affliction Photography:

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