The Super Geek League


You may feel comfortable in your room blasting the sounds of new age pop. You may feel secure knowing that the radio is going to play the watered down versions of hip hop you enjoy. Even country has taken a back seat to its original roots. One thing is for certain…. the freaks still come out at night.

Carnival life is still alive. Performance art with a dark twist is growing and well. Anything you imagined about the circus world and all the crazy that goes in it, is real. Your worst nightmares have come to life…. and you may find yourself waking up the next morning rushing off to the doctor for an STD check, you may even have to walk around outside to make sure everything is just as it was the day before…you may even need to seek counseling. But it won’t stop you from listening, watching, and becoming sucked into the world that the Super Geek League has invented.



This is not your regular band of simple instruments with one set of notes, but a plethora of talented and driven artists who play a variety of instruments and in a variety of ways. Yes, this is a rock and roll band and a BAND. Like a legit band with saxophones, trumpets, tuba’s, but what’s more is the performance that goes a long with it. They bring the entire fucking side show. Amazing dancers who are trained and limber to bend in ways you can’t imagine, fire breathers, poi spinners, and crazy ass clowns that hand out balloons because they’re twisted, stilt walking Medusa’s, and acrobats with attitudes. They even have an Alien!

10991149_816796591724756_2915520416907346498_n (1)


I’m fairly certain there are power tools present as well. So yeah, tuck in your kiddo’s and kiss them goodnight. Prepare for the ride of your life. It will take you some days to recover. That is, if you’re looking for something out of the box… this isn’t a cluster fuck of just basic talent, it’s a cluster fuck of madness that will leave you questioning your very existence. And who knows… perhaps you will find yourself doing things you never thought you would be doing. 🙂 This local Seattle talent is swiftly bringing attention to the epic music, performance, and costume designers, techs, and everyone else that makes the Super Geek League incredible. So peel your ass up off the couch from the usual boring drivel on TV, and go see something alive and real. Even if you don’t like it, even if it’s not your forte, even if you’re unsure what to expect…. go.


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