#IKnowJenny – Nothing More


Nothing More was one of those bands I didn’t really know a lot about until I saw them play with Periphery on the Juggernaut Tour. I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the show and when these guys came out I remember the people standing around me were in disbelief at how amazing they were. We kept saying how other bands that night had a lot to live up to. These guys brought their performance incredibly. It was an art to watch. I bought two of their CD’s that night. Which is something I don’t usually do. I try to buy one if I like what I hear, unless I already have the album. and give it a chance. Not with these guys. Before I even went to the show I listened to them and liked them on all their social media accounts. I know their lead singer, Jonny, is a completely passionate and driven person. You can see that just in his singing. But there was something else…

I started to see in my social media feed the #IKnowJenny hashtag. I would click on those posts and read people’s stories of their battles with depression and other emotional and mental issues. People were saying, “I know Jenny too.” or “I am Jenny.” It caught my attention and I kept thinking that this band is onto something serious. I wasn’t aware of who Jenny was until I did a little more research and it turns out to be Jonny’s sister who has battled with being bi-polar and signs of schizophrenia. His family has had to learn how to cope and deal with how to help their sister. Not to mention the fact that his mother was diagnosed with cancer when They were younger.  I think this places us all into some sort of responsibility for one another. At some point in life, we’re going to run into a person like Jenny, perhaps we are Jenny. I, myself, have been Jenny and struggled with depression. This is a serious and sad epidemic that some people cannot understand.

This issue goes beyond just “getting over it”. You can’t just get over it. You can’t just stop being depressed or bi-polar. What we can do is nurture a positive, loving, and supportive environment for those who may suffer from depression. Pay attention to the warning signs. Stay involved in your child’s life. Understand that there are serious and fatal consequences to allowing this issue to just hide behind closed doors. Speak out about it…be involved. I understand all this because I have been Jenny.

This post isn’t meant to be a steam engine to promote this band, but to bring awareness of how powerful music can be when they use their creativity to bring about change. Music is healing. Music is awareness. I’m proud of these guys for being the voice of people who may not have a voice. So do yourself a favor and check out Nothing More and their cause with the #IKnowJenny campaign and just in general because they’re that awesome.

I know Jenny project

Nothing More on Facebook

Immortal Affliction Photography on Facebook

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression and bi-polar disorder’s help them by doing research and let them know that there is always help. They can heal.

Depression and Bi-Polar Support Alliance

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Teen Health and Wellness information

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