All the TEA!

Credit to photographer

I’ve really began to branch out of my American comfort zone of regular southern style sweet tea, which is what I have been used to my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, it will always be a favorite. Extra sweet with some lemon over ice is the best thing ever on a hot day. But as I’ve become more “cultured” and adventurous, my love for different kinds of tea has broadened exponentially. I’m beginning to truly appreciate the art of it and how it’s served all over the world. I’m fortunate to live near so many tea shops as to get a feel and taste for many different kinds. I’m a fan of the dragon pearl jasmine and this delicious sweet chai which is middle eastern inspired. I also don’t mind a decent cup of Earl Gray with creme in the late afternoon. So as I continue my journey, I’ll leave you with this link to mull over (funny huh?). Keep an open mind and embrace awesome changes! Your palette will thank you.


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