“I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” REALLY?

I wear #24 with pride. I do a dance when he tip toe’s across the end zone… I often relate him to a ballet dancer on occasion because he doesn’t even seem stressed or worried when he scores a touchdown. It’s like his toes twinkle and he’s so fucking hilarious while doing it. Everyone is always arguing and being nasty about him not responding to reporters or grabbing his crotch during games calling him “ghetto” and that “you can take the ghetto from the hood but you can’t take the hood from the ghetto.” Because that’s real classy and upstanding to make those kinds of remarks huh? Because people don’t have anything bad to say about anyone behind closed doors? Because people don’t think, do, and say shit when other people aren’t looking? Because you’re perfect? Because you think that because someone is a sports figure that they are royals and have to behave? HA. Tell that to the gladiators during Roman times not to grab their crotches after beheading their opponent in front of screaming and cheering crowds.

Not to get off topic here. It’s funny because people do not often see or understand why Marshawn doesn’t want to talk to the press or why he says silly things to their questions such as, “I’m thankful.”, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”, “yeah.”,  and “……”.

The man just wants to play football. That’s all. He does what he needs to do. No one really gives a crap about all the extra stuff and his opinions on how the season is going to go and what football players he thinks are going to do what and what. What he saw on the sidelines. Yaddy yadda. The game was played. The game was won. He did what he needed to do. End of story.

We just love Marshawn because he’s #beastmode.

You want to talk about something real with Marshawn? Talk to him about his youth center he’s wanting to open in Oakland, California and about the youth football camp he’s a part of.

REASONS We #12’s love Marshawn.






Marshawn, if you ever want a REAL interview…I got you! lol

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