Lindsey Stirling

Let me first just state that I adore the violin. Antonio Vivaldi being one of my favorites from the baroque classical period. I’m always amazed at the people around the world that know how to make the violin sing and do things out of the ordinary utilizing the instrument. Granted most are not Vivaldi, but they still possess a space in this world that is extraordinary. Lindsey does that. She’s so fluid and gentle, yet strong and enigmatic. It’s truly a pleasure to watch her play and dance.

12_2_14_Christin_MorrisI had the immense pleasure of covering her show at Moore Theater in Seattle for the 106.1 Kiss FM Jingle Ball and I knew the masses were lining up to see her play. She was the last act of the evening. If I had one criticism to say, her set wasn’t long enough. We wanted more. She dances and moves so gracefully while playing at the same time. I honestly do not know how she does it but it’s super fun to watch. When I was glancing around the theater at over 1,000 people craning to see her I remember one of her shows on America’s Got Talent where one of the judges (not naming any names πŸ™‚ ) thought she needed to be in a group in order to continue forward…that she didn’t really have what it took to win this show, in essence. They thought that she couldn’t bring in a crowd at a Vegas show. I had to laugh while I was watching her because she did bring in a crowd. I went to see her for myself, I wanted to cover her show, I wanted to photograph her…and there she was on the stage by herself and a lone pianist, doing her thing in front of a large crowd.

IMG_3569IMG_3581With her sparkly shoes and leggings she danced her way through each song. it was a pleasure to see this young lady come so far over the years captivating musicians and celebrities all over the world and getting the chance to work with them, but more importantly, they have the chance to work with her. Her music videos are also super cool and awesome to watch.

Crystallize- Lindsey Stirling

Be sure to check her out and if you haven’t heard her music before, you’re in for a treat. If you can be so lucky to make it to one of her shows, GO. Great job Lindsey. You’re amazing.
A big thank you to her label, personal assistant, and press for giving me this chance. πŸ™‚

IMG_3511IMG_3632You can follow Lindsey Stirling here:

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