Seattle Seahawks going to the Superbowl….AGAIN


Seattle isn’t the biggest city in the world, but man we got some big hearts when it comes to our football team. All of Washington basked in yesterdays glory of the Seahawks beating out the Packers with a 28-22 win. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time….I never left even when there was a glimpse that they might lose. Even when other #12’s were getting up and going home because they suspected defeat… something told me to stay. I KNEW they were going to pull something. I always said that the Hawks were the 2nd HALF ANNIHILATORS.  I knew things were going to change as soon as they landed that fake field goal kick which turned into a touchdown carried in by Gary Gilliam. After that we went from 7-19 to 14-19 with only a few minutes left on the clock. From 2:07 minutes…. the entire Seahawks team went into BEAST MODE. Marshawn Lynch literally walked across the goal line to score the next touchdown. The Packers landed a field goal and we, the Seahawks, set ourselves up for a 2pt conversion which tied the game sending us into overtime. Within a few minutes Russell Wilson threw the pass heard round the world to Jermaine Kearse, winning the game for the Seahawks. Within minutes we went from 7-19 to 28-22.

Call it divine intervention, a miracle, praying to the football gods….pure talent, skill, luck know-how, faith… we finished what we set out to do with a back to back win and another chance to play at the Superbowl. I’ve never been much on football, but after watching Pete Carroll transform this team and the passion he carries as he leads the way for them, it’s evident that this is the golden years for the Hawks and a renewed sense of glory for those of us who have been itching to see the Seahawks have a chance at glory. The Underdog is finally on top of a well deserved trophy of success. I’m not sure what the future is going to bring, but this team who was once underestimated, has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and proved to kick some major ass. If you sat through that game, whether or not you like football, even if you’re not a Seahawks fan, you couldn’t deny the overwhelming emotion over that win. As soon as Russell Wilson started crying my own floodgates opened and I wept. What a show. What a team. The Packers gave a great fight and they should be proud of what they did on that field.

Just driving down the freeway people were standing over the bridges and overpasses with flags and signs cheering on their team. #12’s honking their horns and EVERYONE is wearing a jersey or Seahawks colors, they pass by you and throw their hands up in celebration. Can’t wait for the Superbowl. May the best Hawks win. 😀


Russell Wilson post game interview

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