Seeing Color

It’s easy for Whites to say that we don’t see color. Or that we may think racism is silly. The truth of the matter, as a White woman myself, I am not racist. But I do see color. I’m thankful to see color. I’m thankful to see nationalities. I’m thankful to see the differences all around me that make the world beautiful. But I can’t, for one moment, understand what it is like to be Black, Asian, Hispanic, and any other ethnicity that is not my own. I haven’t walked that mile in your shoes. I can’t fully understand how some cultural societies are treated as far as inequalities. I can only understand from injustices that I have lived through in my own life as a victim. My struggles may be different but we’ve all cried, we have all struggled, we have all wished that at some point there was someone around us that understood our darkest moments.

While I can’t erase the past that the world has bled upon itself from thousands of years of humans mistreating one another, I can empathize and do my part to make a better future and teach my children love and peace. That is all we can do. Inspire hope. Plant the seed of change and encourage that development.

One thought on “Seeing Color

  1. Beautiful words…my beliefs that I haven’t been able to place into written words. You have spoken them as if reading my mind. Thank you!

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