Mary Lambert


The first time I saw Mary Lambert live, I didn’t really know too much about her. I guess I could chalk it up to not being in the “now” of new music. But as a blossoming writer, reviewer, and lover of all music, especially local music, I felt it was my duty to start branching out again. She really impacted me after the first show. I had the chance to photograph at the 106.1 Jingle Ball at Moore Theater in Seattle. There were so many bands there. Magic!, Rixton, Fences,….Macklemore even showed up. I was there to photograph Lindsey Stirling because she’s so super amazing and I adore the violin. I knew Mary was going to be there and I had done some research into who she was so I was excited to see her perform. What I wasn’t expecting, as a photographer, was having to put my camera down and cry.


I believe it was her spoken word poem/song “Body Love”, where she discusses self love and self hate and all the things people can feel about their bodies or just appearance issues in general. She also discusses self harm and the things we do to ourselves in order to release the pain of not fitting into ideal body standards…but she also teaches the importance of self love and why it’s important to love you as you are. Her lyrics and the way she spoke them literally stopped my in my tracks and I had to sit down. That was a first.



After that I became a fan and listened to everything of hers. There’s also something I’m beginning to notice in the music scene with singers coming out and being expressive about appreciating yourself and it’s ok to be just as you are. Even with harsh and critical remarks that some people make, it still doesn’t dust her bloom off. She’s one hell of a woman and one I’m glad we have in this day and time. I think that the people who focus on being negative are not busy enough in life doing anything to change the world for the better. I’m looking forward to seeing her again. Thanks for being you.

Kudos to Mary. Proud of you.

IMG_3117Mary Lambert and Macklemore photo set here:

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