I’m not a movie critic. In fact, I tend to like movies that everyone else dislikes for various stupid reasons. I think most people spend a lot of time trying to dissect every inch of a movie instead of just enjoying it for its aesthetic purpose. Of course there are movies that are completely mangled when the books are way better. But that’s old news.

Anyways, back onto the subject at hand. I like a little macabre, morbid, with a side of depression on occasion. Melancholia was one of those movies where I had to step outside by the time it was over and make sure everything was, just as it was. Somewhat normal. There were parts that seemed confusing, long and drawn out… and sometimes boring. BUT, after I watched it and I thought about it I rather liked it. I might have to be drunk if I were to watch it again though. If you’re looking for a happy ending or perhaps, your happy endings are endings period…maybe you should or should not watch it. The journey of a woman suffering with depression or maybe even something worse, is depicted in this movie by her own personal hell complete with brief promiscuity and wedding day dramas. But it’s so much more than a wedding day. In fact, some moments she felt I totally understood. It’s like a silence in the middle of chaos where you can truly see how pathetic and trivial some things are while at the same time are some of the most important things.


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