Angel Vivaldi // .._ _ _ (Away With Words)

Angel Vivaldi is an instrumental-instrumetal musician that leaves out the words and allows the instruments to do the talking. So if you’re not aware by now, I suggest you spend some time on Youtube to watch his stuff. With a talented crew by his side, he can do no wrong.

Angel Vivaldi and crew have done it again. If A Martian Winter wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, we’re taken off to a planetary system of sandy events with magical feats of riffs and drum beats. Laura Desantis-Olsson looks positively radiant as a distant memory from a man who has just awoken, stranded on some unforeseen desert. Bill Fore on drums is remarkable and the decorated style, especially the eyes, is kickass!  Guitarists Jake Skylyr and Jay Tarantino forge the bond of epic sound. Can we please discuss the style? Between the shadowed eyes of Bladerunner concepts and Mad Max fashions twisted into something elevated, makes the entire video come together. Angel has harnessed his extraordinary talents yet again to bring us something epoch! Literally.

Congrats to the entire team for this extraordinary video. I’m hoping they make a movie. 🙂

You can pick up Angel Vivaldi music and merch on iTunes, Amazon, and BigCartel.

Like him here:
Angel Vivaldi on Facebook

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