Flyleaf with Lullwater and Ryan White

Another show I was able to attend and photograph that wasn’t a disappointment by any means. Initially when I set out to blog about the concerts and review them, I do it because I love it and I like to spread a little positivity and recognition for bands, those that may be well known and for those that are not. Our gracious hosts at El Corazon were kind enough to bring us Flyleaf with Lullwater and single acoustic singer Ryan “Wooooo” White. Which helps to offset the bad lighting for us amiable photographers. 😉

Ryan “Woooooo” White

Ryan White


He’s officially been dubbed Woooo in Seattle due to an anxious and excited concert goer that was digging his acoustic style and hearty passionate performance. So he would “WOOOOOOO!!!!” and clap throughout the set. Which made us all excited and we followed suit. (Thanks Nigel) Ryan White is a one man band. I don’t think he needs any drums, extra guitars, or backup vocals. He’s got everything he needs in his lungs and on his acoustic. Truly a passionate singer, funny guy….I almost thought he should have been doing some stand-up before the show. He was actually so passionate that during one of his powerhouse songs he got a little emotional. Yes, Ryan…. I saw those tears. THAT’S what makes great music. ❤

Ryan White Website

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Ryan White on Facebook


These are some good ol boys from down in Athens, GA. Fresh and unspoiled by fame and riches. 🙂 Thanks fellas. You’re humble and hospitable nature was a breath of fresh air. They lingered around their own merch booth promoting their music, talking to people around the venue, and just partaking in general chitchat. Such a nice and adorable group. John Strickland is another passionate and powerful performer and their sound ranges from some southern rock to an alternative rock sound which fit in perfectly in the Seattle scene. They seemed more than pleased to be back here playing again.  If I remember correctly, they recorded their first album in Seattle. John also took a moment to appreciate all the paying customers that came out to support live music because as we all know, it’s almost a dying breed depending on where you’re from. So yes John, Seattle loves its music. Hell, most of Washington does. 🙂

John Strickland
John Strickland

We were treated to some of their songs off their album Lullwater and a cover by Pearl Jam, which I think they were most excited to play. Especially since John was sporting his Pearl Jam shirt which fit right in with El Corazon. Most Seattleites know that Pearl Jam basically made their name at El Corazon back when it was called The Off Ramp. Brett Strickland, who was on lead guitar, looked rather smashing in his country style red flannel shirt and his trucker hat (nice touch), which Lullwater had some of those for sale in their merch booth. The band also consisted of bassist Ray Beatty and Joe Wilson on drums. Just a great group of guys who packed a powerful punch with their badass vocals, dripping with sweat, and giving more. It’s evident as to why everyone rushed to pick up their CD after their set which the band was kind enough to stand there and sign all of our stuff.
Great move on Flyleaf or whoever put Lullwater on this tour. I hope to see more of them.

John and Ray
John and Ray
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson

You can purchase their music on Amazon and iTunes. I suggest you do so.

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Lullwater Website


Kristen May
Kristen May

I really put some thought on how I wanted to address Flyleaf because there’s been something weighing on my mind and I just feel like it needs to be said. Not that it hasn’t already. Most of us have been Flyleaf fans since their inception back in 2002. We all loved Lacey and she helped make Flyleaf, well…Flyleaf. She was something new and refreshing at the time.  To have a female singer with that kind of talent come out and put her voice in the music industry helped shaped the scene. Flyleaf gained a strong following, they put blood, sweat, and tears into their music, their name, their label…. because that’s what musicians are supposed to do. Back in 2012, for those who do not know, Lacey stepped down for her own reasons some of which were attributed to becoming a new mom and she was going in a different direction. THAT’S FINE. It happens. Life happens. Bands change all the time.

The rest of the band remained intact and kinda thought, “Should we press on?”. Well they did. They recruited Kristen who was formally in the band, Vedera. That ended and she stepped up to audition for Flyleaf. From certain sources, it was like one of those round pegs that fits perfectly into the round hole. She filled that void and brought something new and fresh. Some people will state, “It’s not Flyleaf without Lacey.” “Lacey IS Flyleaf.” blah blah waahhhnnn waaahhhnnn and so on and so forth. Ya know, I totally understand and I’ve often had that feeling when it comes to bands losing their “iconic” lead singers and someone else taking their places. It’s been done and it’s going to continue. The thing you must ask yourself is if you are invested enough to give it a chance to blossom? Can you stop bitching long enough to let something good shine through, provide it with light and watch it grow? Sometimes a band goes through changes and no, it will never be what it once was. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be good or even better with time. New bonds form, new relationships, new directions happen…

 I went to see Flyleaf for myself and I can tell you that as Lacey stepped down, whether she had say or not in Kristen taking her place, the band knew what they were doing when they brought her on. If you’ve not seen her live I suggest you make arrangements to do so. KILLER voice. Amazing talent and over all a super nice chick that takes the time with her fans and connects with them all. She’s one of us. I initially was watching the crowd to see how they were responding or how they would respond to her and if she would feed off that response. Part of me was nervous only because I’ve seen how nasty the internet has been to her and about her. Which I’m most certain that Lacey wouldn’t approve of her fans shitting on the new lead singer of the band SHE stepped down from. Nonetheless, Kristen radiated her own energy and I felt that coming through her performance. The crowd responded to that and fed off that energy. By the end of the night everyone loved Flyleaf for being Flyleaf and it was great to witness. Maybe it’s Seattle…. we love music and we are passionate about our music here. That’s what makes this city so amazing.

Kristen May
Kristen May
Kristen May
Kristen May

She crowd surfed for fucks sake!!! I haven’t seen someone in a band do that in ages. She did!!! And the crowd supported her and carried her about while she belted out her tune. I’m certain security had fun with that one. HAHA!  She also had no problem grabbing your attention by giving you some water. TO YOUR FACE FROM A WATER BOTTLE. That’s METAL!!!! \m/

Kristen May
Kristen May

In between a song, she even stopped to gather the crowd to sing happy birthday to a young man in the audience. For another song, she walked through the crowd and sang right in the middle of her fans. Cell phones were ablaze, fans were singing with her, supporting her, relating to her…. that’s Kristen. She’s here to make music and that’s just what she did.



After the show the band graciously came out to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Kristen was super humble and such a sweet person as were all the guys. That little body sure does pack a rock and roll punch. So if you’re a fan of the older Flyleaf that’s fine. Listen to the old stuff and be satiated in the past. But for now the present and future is moving along and Kristen is barreling through with it. So you can either ride the new wave or just be bitter on the old one. 😀

IMG_2608 IMG_2623IMG_2672 IMG_2740 IMG_2655 IMG_2822

Be sure to pick up the new album Between The Stars

Flyleaf on Facebook

Flyleaf Website

Kudos to Flyleaf, Lullwater, and Ryan “WOOOOO” White for making it to Seattle. Thanks to Mike Thrasher and El Corazon for hosting. Staff and crew are awesome.

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