Finding that calm, where chaos prevails.

Stupid title, but what do I know? 

It’s nice to have people remind you to be calm and centered. Everyone these days is protesting something, yanking at the strings of the political puppet to extend basic human rights…. wars and battles are plowing through the lives of innocent people and even in the midst of all this static, someone or some person is out there watching the world burn itself to the ground. They’re only living for the moment with no thought to the future, with no regard to life after death. Right here, right now, and what they can control, is the only motivation they have. The rest is rubbish. I think it’s ok to keep a piece of that with you at all times, other wise you’d go mad. Maybe? Maybe not. 

I always imagine someone modest who feels above the world and its sorrows.

“Are you afraid of death?” They say.

“Afraid of death?? It’s life you should be afraid of.” 

Perhaps only a certain person would understand what I’m trying to say and know that I’m not attempting to rile the pants off someone starving for a (well deserved) picket sign…..It’s ok to step back a moment before plunging back into the chaos. Reserve. 

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